Back Pain FAQs

Back pain can occur suddenly, for example when lifting something heavy, or gradually over time with age. While some people experience back pain after an accident, others may suffer the effects of chronic neglect or poor posture at work or home that causes progressive wear and tear on your back. Dr. Caruso at Boca Health & Wellness Center in Boca Raton provides chiropractic care for back pain to help you find pain relief. Let’s take a look at some of the common questions that we run into regarding back pain.

A man holding his back

What are the common causes of back pain?

There are many possible causes of back pain, including disease, injuries, and muscle tension. Some common causes of acute (short-term) back pain include lifting something heavy improperly, slipping and falling, sitting in an awkward position for too long, working out too much, and sleeping in an uncomfortable position with the wrong pillow under your head. Chronic back pain can be caused by health issues such as osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and arthritis.

What are the symptoms of back pain?

Common symptoms of back pain include stiffness, muscle spasms, and difficulty standing upright comfortably. Back pain generally becomes worse when you move or do not move for an extended period. Changes in the weather and humidity can also affect the symptoms.

How does chiropractic care for back pain work?

Our chiropractor will perform an evaluation of your back to determine the cause of your discomfort. From there, we will create a customized treatment plan including manual adjustments, physical therapy exercises, massage therapy, and other treatment modalities. Your treatment plan will be designed to provide pain relief and support the healing process. Best of all, chiropractic care does not rely on pain medication or invasive procedures like surgery to produce results.

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