Back To School: Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pains

Back To School: Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain Treatment with our Boca Raton Chiropractor

Since school is back in session, carrying around the weight of backpacks or gym bags can damage your neck, back, and shoulders. Back pain from sitting for long amounts of time and neck pain from looking downward at school work may also arise. At the first signs of a problem, call Boca Health & Wellness Center to make an appointment with our chiropractor. Here is some information about the aches and pains students often find themselves dealing with when school begins.

Kids going to school

Make Sure Backpacks Are Appropriate

When using backpacks, it is extremely important to select bags that do not have thin straps. These often cut into the skin, making students hunch over to try to alleviate pain. This will, in turn, cause back pain or shoulder pain to arise. Do not overstuff a bag as the weight of items inside will cause poor posture and put a strain on the back, shoulders, and neck.

Take Time To Stretch The Body

If there is a need to sit in a chair for long classes, back pain is a true possibility as the body will stiffen if it is not moved around. It is important to stand up and walk a bit if classes are extremely long. Take advantage of any breaks allotted and stretch the legs, arms, and back during this time. Simple stretches can also be done from a seated position. Outstretch an appendage for a few seconds to get the body circulating. This will help to alleviate muscle soreness.

Avoid Overusing Electronic Devices

If you use a cell phone regularly in addition to a laptop or tablet, you may find you are looking downward quite often. This tends to cause neck pain as the weight of the head pushes forward. Hold your device in front of your eyes rather than in your lap or on your desk to help keep pain from settling in.

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