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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Overview from Boca Health & Wellness Center

Shoulder pain can impact people of all ages and dispositions. Some people suffer shoulder pain in a motor vehicle accident. Other people might suffer an acute shoulder injury following a slip and fall accident. Athletes can also suffer from shoulder pain either due to an acute injury or due to a chronic overuse situation. Everyone needs to understand some of the most common causes of shoulder pain as well as the various treatment options. This is where a trained chiropractor from the Boca Health & Wellness Center in Boca Raton can help.

Causes and Treatment of Shoulder Pain

If someone is experiencing pain in their shoulder, this can be due to a variety of situations. Sometimes, people have gradual pain that builds up in their shoulder over time. This might be due to a rotator cuff strain or bursitis, which can develop when someone performs an overhand throwing motion regularly. Other people might experience shoulder pain due to a torn labrum, which impacts the outer casing of the shoulder itself. Sometimes, individuals might feel a shooting pain in their shoulder that travels down their arm. This might not be a problem with the shoulder itself but may originate from the spine.

If someone is experiencing shoulder pain, a trained chiropractor can provide a variety of treatment options. Sometimes, physical therapy and a corrective exercise plan can help someone recover without the need for operation. Those who are suffering from nerve pain in their shoulder may benefit from spinal manipulation. In this procedure, a trained chiropractor uses a series of thrusts to make sure the vertebrae are lined up properly, relieving pressure on inflamed nerves.

Trust the Boca Health & Wellness Center

Anyone who is suffering from shoulder pain should visit the Boca Health & Wellness Center in Boca Raton today. Using a well-rounded treatment plan, we will expedite the recovery process. Schedule an appointment today.