Upper Back Pain

Dealing with Upper Back Pain Correctly

We all hear about TV or radio commercials for back pain relief medicine or temporary pain-numbing products and ignore them as we go through our day. Even now we know how serious and limiting an upper back pain condition can actually be. However, when it happens to us, that moment when our body freezes to move through an action or motion due to deep bone-level pain, then we can quickly sympathize with other back pain sufferers. The fact is, back pain is quite common. And our modern sedentary office life for most of us doesn’t make it any easier to avoid.

Upper Back Pain Causation

Many times, neck and upper back pain are associated with misalignment of our spine. That, in turn, creates pressure points on discs and connecting points in the spinal structure, which in turn tap or put pressure on our nerves. Ergo, the pain occurs telling us to stop moving that way. And, to make matters worse, muscle networks around the injury spot have tensed up, adding to the pain receptors firing off again and again.

Some back-pain conditions are downstream results of old injuries. Sport twists or impacts are common. It can also be due to an accident injury such as whiplash or a lifting mistake, trying to move something too heavy. Weight is also a big contributing factor, throwing off our balance and carrying pounds in the wrong places creating strain on our spine. But the biggest culprit in the modern world tends to be hours and hours bent over a computer.

Boca Raton Relief Options

Again, quick relief can be had with pain patches and over-the-counter medicines, even prescription-grade painkillers, but they don’t solve the spinal problem causing the pain in the first place. Sometimes the pain can be plain swelling, and ice pack treatments can do a lot of good, believe or not. Improving posture and losing weight will also help over time.

Getting Expert Help

However, when the pain is stopping you from functioning for weeks at a time, you should let a doctor examine you to determine for sure what the cause is. Chiropractic treatment or even surgery may be needed. To be sure, give the Boca Health & Wellness Center a call for a review. Your long-term pain relief possibilities are closer than you think.