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Cleanse and Detox After the Holidays

The holidays are a time of feasting, drinking, and making merry. That is something worth celebrating! After the holidays, you are probably ready to get back to reality. You may feel bloated, sleepy, and uncomfortable. At Boca Health & Wellness Center in Boca Raton, Florida, we have some simple ways to detox and cleanse after the holidays. Apply these tips and soon the discomfort will be a memory just like 2020.

Get Rid of the Leftovers

It can be so difficult to stick with a diet plan when delicious treats still linger in the fridge. Get rid of them as soon as you can. Give them away, freeze them, do whatever you need to in order to remove the temptation from your life.

Cut the Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are full of extra calories. Take a break from drinking alcohol and give your body a chance to cleanse itself. This doesn’t mean giving up booze forever, but even a short break will help you to detox.

Stay Hydrated

Replace that booze with water. Drink at least eight cups of water per day and keep your body hydrated. A hydrated body feels better and can flush out toxins far more easily than a dehydrated body. Properly hydrated muscles also function better when you are moving around.

Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Rich, meaty dishes are a major part of holiday feasting. So if you want to cleanse and detox after the holidays, switch to a plant-based diet for a while. Getting good nutrition in your diet like leafy greens and healthy carbs and proteins will keep your body stay strong and get rid of that sluggish feeling.


Get your body moving! Regular exercise will get you energized and feeling better, allowing your body to process food and flush itself more efficiently. Also, consider a massage or visiting our chiropractor to help your sore muscles and nerves to get you moving more smoothly!

New Year New You!

With the holidays behind you, it is time to get your body back in the best shape. Call our team at Boca Health & Wellness Center in Boca Raton today at (561) 447-2228 to get going on the path to wellness.