Joint Pain Treatment in Boca Raton, FL

Joint pain is a common complaint, especially since arthritis is such a common problem. Not to mention, your joints take quite a beating every day, possibly leading to frequent aches and pain. However, when you search "chiropractor Boca Raton," you find chiropractor Dr. Caruso who serves Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding area. He can help you find a joint pain treatment specific to your condition and needs. 

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Causes of Joint Pain

You could experience joint pain as the result of a herniated disc, which occurs when a disc has a tear and the contents of it begins pushing through. It may irritate your surrounding nerves and cause pain, numbness, or weakness in the area. 

Sciatica is another cause of joint pain. This particular condition affects the sciatic nerve and causes pain, numbness, tingling, and possibly weakness. You could experience joint pain as the result of arthritis, which is a condition that causes inflammation in the joints. While arthritis can arise from wear and tear on the joints or because of your immune system, sometimes it arises, and the cause isn't known. 

After you get into a car accident or experience a sports or work-related injury, you may have joint pain. Sometimes, the pain results from an injury, and other times you have general pains from misalignments. From overworking your body, you could experience a condition known as bursitis, a condition causing inflammation in the bursa. 

How Our Chiropractor Can Help 

When you search "chiropractor Boca Raton," you're finding a natural solution to remedy your pain. Our chiropractor's course of action depends on where the injury is. For example, those with back problems may benefit from a chiropractic alignment. An alignment, sometimes referred to as an adjustment, is a noninvasive procedure performed by a chiropractor. During the treatment, the chiropractor manually realigns the spine to ease pressure on the joints and surrounding tissue and nerves.

Our chiropractor may also recommend you undergoing spinal decompression for back joint pain. When you receive this treatment, our chiropractor asks you to lie down on a table connected to pulleys and other rigging. Powered by a motor, the pulleys gently stretch your spine, relieving pressure on your joints. 

Most areas of your body can benefit from physical therapy. A chiropractor will guide you through a series of exercises that slowly work the area to optimize function, flexion, and strength. This particular treatment also encourages healing by optimizing blood flow to the region. 

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