Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a therapeutic treatment that we provide at our office, that is used to complement Chiropractic manipulation. It's useful alone, but it's often used along with other treatments to relieve muscle tension, chronic and acute pain. At Boca Health & Wellness Center in Boca Raton, Dr. Caruso provides a variety of treatments for pain relief and to support the healing process, including massage therapy.


What to Expect During a Massage Therapy Session

If you're recommended for massage therapy, first, you will be asked to lie on the table. We will then begin your treatment. During this time, you will notice the therapist taking their time and addressing the entire area where you are having problems.

Unlike a massage you would get at a spa, this one is a deep-tissue massage. It reaches the soft tissue deep within your body. At the conclusion of the massage, you may feel less pain. Sometimes, people feel a little sore. This is a normal reaction and will be replaced with pleasant sensations shortly after.

Why Does Massage Make You Feel Better?

Massage therapy works in a few ways. For one, it speeds up your body's detoxification process. During the massage, the cells release waste, which includes any worn-out proteins. The toxins are then released from the body, allowing you to feel better. That's why some people feel rejuvenated after a massage. That and the fact that it's de-stressing you by taking away the pain.

The massage will also stimulate the muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue. It will ease your tightness and reduce tension in the area. Massage therapy can also help because it enhances circulation. While that's also how it helps detoxify your body, it also means that more blood is getting to that area. As a result, you receive more nutrients in the region. These nutrients help your body heal properly.

Conditions Treated

Massage is a common treatment we recommend for pain. In some cases, this therapy is used to help prepare your body for another treatment or to enhance the results after one. We can use it for both acute and chronic pain and it's even beneficial for headaches and migraines in some instances.

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